We are living longer, changing careers often, and living in a more connected world with education on demand - how does this impact the way we learn, how we learn and what we want to learn? Experience Haus’ one-day conference will seek to address fundamental questions about how we can learn better, how our brain makeup and attention spans are changing, and how we can build the types of analytical muscle that we need to thrive in an age where information is available at a fingertip or voice command.



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How will emerging technologies change the way we learn, how are companies upskilling their teams, what are possible areas or opportunities for disruption, what does the future of higher-education look like, and what are some of the emerging online platforms and methods of learning? Join us for A Conversation About Design: The Future of Learning to find out.

What is
Experience Haus

Dedicated to delivering affordable education and spaces for self-improvement. Experience Haus provides applied learning courses for organisations and individuals covering an abundance of digital expertise. In the wake of expensive living costs, low-cost education is essential. Experience Haus offers practitioner taught technical skills training for high demand disciplines such as Influencer Marketing, Product and UX Design and User Research.

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Who is
the mof group?

Matter Of Form Group are an award-winning group of digital agencies with around 60 consultants brand strategists, experience designers, content producers, software engineers and trainers. We work with exceptional brands who are looking to leverage technology, generate business value and create beautiful digital experiences for their customers, all without compromising the identity that makes their brand so strong.

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We’ve teamed up with
Pixel Pond

We’ve teamed up with Pixel Pond, a recruitment agency specialising in Design, Technology, and Product Teams, working with clients all over the world. Encouraging candidates to progress through training and mentoring is something they believe in. Our partnership means that we’re able to help students take their next steps in their design career by connecting them with the latest design and tech roles in the industry.

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Sponsorship opportunities for A Conversation About Design: The Future of Learning are available. To inquire, please contact Emma Blackmore


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