In today's business world it is crucial for companies to have some form of differentiation above and beyond the usage value of their product or service. Messaging alone is not enough. Companies still need to communicate their role in the world across a broader set of touch-points.

Join us for the sixth edition of A Conversation About Design where we will seek to explore the role of brand strategy in today's digital age. Expect to hear from industry leaders from a selection of big brands and agencies who will offer their perspectives on the topic and help bring to life the inspiration, optimism and balance behind your business.





We are living in a society plagued by fake news and distrust, and conversations have quickly turned to ethical and responsible design. How do you ensure your brand remains authentic, open and accessible in a time where positive experiences are key? And what is the role of data in all of this? For example, how can we nurture our customers along more personalised customer journeys?

What is the future of the brand? How do you turn your business/customer model into a purpose-driven brand that creates positive experiences for both? As new technology emerges is the concept of branding going to phase itself away, and if so, what is your company doing about this distinct possibility?

What is
Experience Haus?

Dedicated to delivering affordable education and spaces for self-improvement. Experience Haus provides applied learning courses for organisations and individuals covering an abundance of digital expertise. In the wake of expensive living costs, low-cost education is essential. Experience Haus offers practitioner taught technical skills training for high demand disciplines such as Influencer Marketing, Product and UX Design and User Research.

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Who is
the mof group?

Matter Of Form Group are an award-winning group of digital agencies with around 60 consultants brand strategists, experience designers, content producers, software engineers and trainers. We work with exceptional brands who are looking to leverage technology, generate business value and create beautiful digital experiences for their customers, all without compromising the identity that makes their brand so strong.

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Shopware is a leading open source eCommerce platform and trusted by over 80,000 businesses, including some of the biggest European brands, retailers and branded manufacturers across B2C and B2B industries. Shopware has a global network of 1,200+ solution and technology partners and a very active developer community that gives customers access to robust third‐party extensions and certified professional support. Shopware is the industry's leading, feature‐rich, highly‐scalable, enterprise‐class platform with a full suite of out‐of‐the‐box capabilities with a lower total cost of ownership.


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